Klickitat County Assessor

 The Assessor's office would like to welcome you to our webpage. Our goals are to make our office more accessible and maintain accurate but fair market values. Unfortunately at this time, the White Salmon Office is only open by appointment. Appointments can be made by contacting the Goldendale Office. If there are any questions or concerns that are not addressed on our web site, please feel free to contact our office. 

State law requires that the Assessor value property at 100% of true and fair market value. The market value is determined by the sales that were made in your area. Finding the market value of your property means recognizing the price that most people would pay for your property.  

Assessment of real and personal property is necessary to pay for government services such as schools, fire districts, hospital districts, county law enforcement, parks, roads, libraries, etc.

What Our Office Does

The Klickitat County Assessor's office is required to physically inspect, appraise, and revalue all real property once every six years with an annual review and update based on sales analysis. The appraisal cycle is established by the state and enforced by the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Taxpayers may contact the Assessor's office to discuss their values or may appeal their value to the County Board of Equalization. 

What We Can Provide 

  • Ownership, descriptions, location, and structure information
  • Assessed Values
  • Administer tax exemptions:
    • Senior citizen and disabled persons exemption (Must be 61 and older or physically disabled to qualify)
    • DOR Institutional 
    • Head of Family
  • Open Space Taxation (Farm & Agriculture  and Open Space Open)
  • Designated Forest Land 
  • Calculate levy rates
  • Maintain personal property listings and audits
  • Help you prepare appeal to boards (BOE)(BTA)

What We DO NOT Do

We DO NOT answer tax questions or collect your taxes! The County Treasurer's office can assist you with this. 

We DO NOT take your appeal! The Board of Equalization or The Board of Tax Appeals will accept them.

For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Assessor's office. The staff is always willing to answer any of your questions you might have.