2023 Bridge Projects RFQ

Klickitat County is seeking the services of a highly qualified, experienced consultant to design three repair bridge projects. One bridge project will be for Deck Repairs, one for Expansion Joint Repairs and one for Bearing Repairs. Each project will take place on bridge located throughout Klickitat County's Road Network. This agreement will be for approximately six months in duration with the option for Klickitat County to extend it for additional time if necessary.

The professional capabilities of consultants, directly involved with design work must include professional licensure, where appropriate, and a demonstrable expertise in the specialized area necessary to accomplish the services required. For these services the consultant is expected to furnish all necessary equipment, software and consumable.

This is a federally-funded project and must comply with Federal EEO requirements and with ADA and Civil Rights regulations and requirements applicable to the County. Consultant services will be completed in accordance with Federal and State Law.