Electronic Home Monitoring

Home Detention Program Rules

"Electronic monitoring" means tracking the location of an individual, whether pretrial or posttrial, through the use of technology that is capable of determining or identifying the monitored individual's presence or absence at a particular location including, but not limited to:
(a) Radio frequency signaling technology, which detects if the monitored individual is or is not at an approved location and notifies the monitoring agency of the time that the monitored individual either leaves the approved location or tampers with or removes the monitoring device; or
(b) Active or passive global positioning system technology, which detects the location of the monitored individual and notifies the monitoring agency of the monitored individual's location.

RCW 9.94A.734

This agency charges $10 per day with a one-time $50 hook up fee. Fees need to be paid in advance by 7 days. Out of county court orders need to specifically state that our agency can monitor the EHM (with a judge's signature on that order).

EHM Documents