Juvenile Offender Programs

  1. Community Service Work Crew

    The work crew does work for City and County agencies, and non-profit groups. These hours are Court-ordered by the Judge as Community Service, or Court cost, or fine that are converted to Community Service hours. Diversion Community Service hours are also completed on the Work Crew.

  2. Computer Class

    Every juvenile that we work with goes through a CD-ROM class that covers drugs and alcohol.

  3. Diversion Program

    Each year, more than 35,000 juvenile referrals are deferred to Diversion units throughout the state. Typically, these cases involve youth ages 8 to 18 who are alleged to have committed offenses such as shoplifting and other thefts, possession of alcohol, minor assaults, malicious mischief and trespassing.

  4. Electronic Home Monitoring

    Electronic monitoring (EHM) provides a cost effective confinement option to the Juvenile Court Judge/Commissioner. EHM reduces detention overcrowding and allows for greater accountability of youth awaiting court or sentencing.

  5. Probation & Community Supervision

    Learn more about probation and community service, and the role of Probation Officers.