Depo Provera

Depo-Provera is a long-lasting method of birth control. It is an injection (shot) of synthetic hormone called Progestin and is given every 3 months.


  • 99.6 % in preventing pregnancy
  • Does not provide protection against sexually transmitted infections

How Depo-Provera is Used

Your health care provider will take your medical history and give you a Physical Exam. After this is done, a Depo-Provera shot will be given in the muscle of your upper-arm or buttock. The shot must be given within the first 5 days of your normal menstrual period. Protection against pregnancy begins within 24 hours. You must return every 12 weeks three months) to receive the next shot.


You must receive a Depo-provera shot every 12 weeks (three months) to prevent pregnancy. In addition, you also need to receive a complete gynecological exam every year.

Benefits of Using Depo-Provera

  • Long-lasting birth control-prevents pregnancy for 12 weeks (3 months)
  • Nothing to take daily or put in place before sexual intercourse.
  • Periods slow down and often stop after six months of use
  • Does not contain estrogen so women who cannot use birth control pills are able to use Depo-Provera
  • May offer some health benefits such as protection against endometrial cancer

Possible Problems

There is no way to reverse the shot's effects once it has been given. It's effects end after 12 weeks.

Planning a Pregnancy

Because Depo-Provera wears off over time, it will take longer for you to get pregnant after stopping Depo-Provera than it would with other methods of birth control. Studies indicate that women may become pregnant 9 to 10 months after the last dose of Depo-Provera.