Metal food and beverage containers can be recycled through the Curbside Program or by dropping them off at one of the transfer stations.

Recycle These

Recycle vegetable and fruit juice cans.
Recycle vegetable cans.
Recycle soup cans.
Do not recycle aerosol cans.

But Don't Try to Recycle These

Do not recycle aluminum foil.
Do not recycle aluminum pans.
Do not recycle aluminum pie pans.
Do not recycle aerosol cans.
Do not recycle propane canisters.
Do not recycle batteries.

When Recycling Metal...

  • The container must be rinsed clean.
  • No spray or aerosol cans.
  • Only metal food and beverage containers go in your recycle bag.
  • Other, larger metal items can be recycled through the drop off scrap metal program at transfer stations.
  • You do not have to remove labels from cans.