Compost & Organics

  1. Choosing a Compost System

    There are a lot of different ways to compost organic waste, so choosing the right method, or a combination of compost methods, is important.

  2. Composting: Advanced Basics (PDF)

    View an overview of the composting process and how to get started.

  3. Composting Livestock Manure

    This guide gets into some of the technical details you need to understand when composting larger volumes of organic waste.

  4. Compost Troubleshooter List (PDF)

    View a list of possible problems and solutions commonly encountered with compost piles.

  5. Constructing a Compost Pile: Step by Step

    View a step-by-step overview of constructing your own compost pile.

  6. FireWise Defensible Space & Waste Disposal

    Create defensible space around your home by reducing the amount of fuels around your home as a fire safety measure.

  7. Wood Chip Backyard Biology

    Learn more about the basic biology of wood chip usage, from information condensed from a discussion supplied by Ferry County Solid Waste.

  8. Worm Bins

    Learn about composting with worm bins, and find out how to start your own worm bin.

  9. Compost Calculator