Interactive Mapping Program

A new mapping program was launched Monday February 27, 2017. The link address is the same. 
 If you are experiencing difficulty getting the new map to start, please try clearing out your browsing history. Some internet browsers will retain previous sessions causing an error when trying to launch the new website.

  • The mapping program is now mobile responsive (phones and tablets). 
  • Many common phones and tablets were tested during the development phase. 
  • Unfortunately there are no standards that phone and tablet manufacturers follow. So consequently your mobile device may require a specific browser to utilize the mapping program properly.
  • It has touch screen capability.
  • The available tools and functionality will depend on screen size. 
  • There will either be 5 menus choices (Tools, Search, Bookmarks, Export and Map Layers).  Mainly on desktop computers and large tablets
  • OR 3 menus (Search, Bookmarks & Map Layers) will display by clicking the 3 bars in the upper right. 
  • Different screen orientation like landscape may provide more menu choices if the screen size is large enough. 
  • Once the menu is visible, a small screen may only display these menus until a function is performed.

See an overview and instructions with screenshots of the menus, tools and functionality in the New Mapping Program 2017 (in pdf Adobe format).
Link to:   Interactive Mapping Program