Tips for Country Living

Welcome to Klickitat County. As a rural community, we are proud of the country lifestyle and heritage our region offers. If you are new to our area or thinking of relocating here, especially from an urban environment, you may be interested to know more about customs and culture in our County. Rural living can require some "adjusting to" and is often very different from a recent urban dweller's expectations.

This booklet is intended to assist in the adjustment process and help newcomers understand the "rules of the west," we live by, as well as the County's position in terms of services and resources available.
Cattle graze in a field with a mountain peak in the distance.


A key element of country life is self-reliance. It is important to understand that County governments are not always able to provide the same level of service in undeveloped, rural and remote areas as they do inside urban or developed areas adjacent to a city. You will most surely encounter differences in terms of roads and utilities It is also important to understand our positions concerning the right to farm, wild animals, weather conditions and more.

Thank you: The Klickitat County Commissioners