Board of Health

The local board of health exercises final authority over matters pertaining to the preservation of life and health of people in accordance with RCW 70.05

RCW 70.05.030 requires counties without a health district, like Klickitat County, to have the board of county commissioners constitute the local board of health. This same law allows the county commissioners to add members to the board so long as the majority of the board remains elected officials. 

Recently, The Klickitat County Board of Commissioners has appointed two citizen members to the Klickitat County Board of Health. The current members of The Klickitat County Board of Health are as follows;

  • David M. Sauter, County Commissioner
  • Jim Sizemore, County Commissioner
  • Rex F. Johnston, County Commissioner
  • Erinn Quinn, MSN, Citizen Board Member
  • Sue Pennington, MPH, Citizen Board Member
The powers and duties of the local board of health can be located in RCW 70.05.060. The Klickitat County Board of Health meets on an as-needed basis, generally quarterly. 

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