Who handles Native American Remains?
When the Klickitat County Coroner's Office determines that remains are Native American, jurisdiction is immediately turned over to the appropriate tribe for proper disposition. Please respect the Native American culture by contacting law enforcement or our office promptly upon discovering remains. Do not keep remains. It is not only disrespectful, but it is also illegal.

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1. When will the Coroner be called?
2. What does the Coroner do during a death investigation?
3. When is an autopsy necessary?
4. How long does a death investigation take?
5. Who is the next of kin (NOK)?
6. At what level of certainty are we responsible for making our determinations of cause and manner of death?
7. How long does the Coroner keep a record of a death investigation, and how can I get a copy of my loved one's report?
8. Who is authorized to view our reports?
9. Where do I get a certified death certificate for a loved one who has died?
10. What do I do if I find bones in the woods?
11. Who handles Native American Remains?