How do I report a dead bird?
West Nile virus infects certain wild birds. Of those infected, particular birds-crows, jays, ravens, and magpies-tend to become sick and die. Increasing numbers of dead birds may be an indication of West Nile virus in your community. You can help by reporting dead crows and other birds to your local health department's environmental health program. Although it is important for public health officials to track dead bird sightings, most dead birds will not be collected or tested. When disposing of dead birds, use gloves or double plastic bags to place the carcass in a garbage can. While there is no evidence that you can get West Nile from handling dead birds, avoid bare-handed contact. If you have additional questions regarding the West Nile virus, contact your local health department. In the Goldendale area the number is 509-773-4565 and in the White Salmon area the number is 509-493-1558. View the West Nile Report.

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6. How do I report a dead bird?