How is it spread?
By direct contact with nose or throat discharge of a carrier or ill person. Simply being in the same room with an infected person cannot spread the bacteria. Discharge from the nose or throat (coughing, sneezing, or kissing) must make direct contact with the nose or mouth of another person. Sharing eating utensils, glassware, cigarettes, or toothbrushes rarely spreads the disease. Spread can occur when people sleep near each other, share a household, or play together in child care.

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1. What is meningococcal disease?
2. Where does it come from?
3. How is it spread?
4. What are the symptoms?
5. How long can a person spread the bacteria?
6. Who is at risk for illness?
7. What is the treatment of people with meningococcal disease?
8. What do direct contacts need to do?
9. How can the risk of spreading meningococcal disease be reduced?
10. Is there a vaccine available?
11. What should I do if I suspect someone in my family has meningococcal disease?
12. Where can I get more information?