Why might someone get a second ballot?

There are two reasons why a voter would get a second ballot.  Either you, the voter, requested one or something in your voter registration changed.  The change may have been something as simple as changing Hwy 142 to Highway 142.  Standardizing addresses in the system increases the likelihood that registrations that are questionable for one reason or another are discovered and validated or corrected.

Ballots are mailed no less than 18 days before the election.  The ballot and mailing labels are created three to four weeks prior to that mailing to allow the vendor sufficient time to get ballots printed, assembled and mailed to every registered voter within that 18-day window.  That is a large window of time (approximately 45 days) that voters have to make changes to their names or addresses.  When a change is made in the system, whether by the voter themselves, the State or a County Auditor’s Office, the voter registration system automatically generates an updated ballot – even if there are no actual changes to the ballot. 

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