Where can I get more information on the voting process in Washington State?

The voting process in Washington State is complex and there is a lot that goes into it.  That is why we invite and encourage people to come in and observe the process at any stage.  We are always willing to answer questions and explain the process.   The Secretary of State’s website also contains a wealth of information about voting in Washington.  For more information check out https://ericstates.org/; https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections#voters; http://klickitatcounty.org/1136/ElectionsVoter-Registration; call or stop by and visit. We could talk elections all day! 

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1. What is the statewide voter registration database?
2. Who maintains the voter registration database?
3. How often is the voter registration database updated?
4. What happens when a ballot is received by an Elections Office?
5. Why might someone get a second ballot?
6. How close to an election can I change my voter registration information?
7. If I have already returned my ballot and its been “accepted” will a second ballot be issued if I update my voter registration information?
8. What is a replacement ballot?
9. What is a reissued ballot?
10. What happens when a second ballot is issued?
11. What happens if I only return the first ballot?
12. What happens if I return both?
13. Are there ever mistakes?
14. What are some other security measures to make sure that votes are being properly counted?
15. What should a voter do if they believe the received a ballot in error?
16. Where can I get more information on the voting process in Washington State?