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Drinking Water Program

The purpose of the drinking water program is to oversee the safety and adequacy of drinking water. Activities in this program are aimed at ensuring potable drinking water supplies are free from contaminates that could adversely affect the health of the consumer. Generally, for public water systems, responsibilities are delegated from the Washington State Department of Health through a joint plan of operations (JPO) Environmental Health Staff are responsible for completing the following activities:

  • Provide support to the Washington State Department of Health in monitoring and inspecting community water supplies.

  • Provide technical assistance to owners and operators of public drinking water systems.

  • Receiving, reviewing and forwarding complete "Group B Water System (small public systems) to the Washington State Department of Health for approval.

  • Evaluate two-party water systems for adequacy of water quality and quantity, construction and location.

  • Evaluating proposed sites for new public drinking water wells.

  • For building permit purposes, evaluate private water supplies construction, well placement, water quality and quantity.

  • Evaluate private water systems on request for home sales or mortgage loans.

  • Coordinating with the Klickitat County Planning Department on water availability during the platting for new subdivisions.

  • Investigating waterborne illnesses.

  • Work in conjunction with code enforcement in response to complaints and inquires.

Proof of Potable Water Application

Date of Source Material: 6/17/2009
Source: Public Health
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