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Compost & Organics:

Compost Mix Calculator
Choosing a Compost System
Constructing a Compost Pile: Step by Step
Not much technical detail. Just the basics for constructing a compost pile.  . . . Click for Details

Composting Livestock Manure
This guide gets into some of the technical details you need to understand when composting larger volumes of organic waste.  . . . Click for Details

Compost: Advanced Basics
These slides form the basis of our compost workshops covering the advanced basics of composting. If you would like to organize a workshop for you and your friends give us a call.

CompostingAdvancedBasics-F.pdf 3.2mb

Compost Troubleshooter List
Table of: Problem condition or situation, possible source/reason for problem, other clues that help identify a given problem, and the suggested remedy for a given problem.  . . . Click for Details

Worm Bin Plans (OSCR Jr.)
Construction plans for building a worm bin for your home using Rubbermaid Roughneck 10 gallon plastic containers.  . . . Click for Details

Worm Bin Startup Instructions (OSCR Jr.)
Once you have your OSCR Jr worm bin constructed follow these instructions to start composting with worms.  . . . Click for Details

Worm Bin Maintenance (OSCR Jr.)
When the bottom OSCR Jr bin is nearly full, add a second bin.  . . . Click for Details

Basic Composting With Worms
This is a very basic introduction to composting with a worm bin. Has sequence of photos taken over 21 day period.  . . . Click for Details

Wood Chip Backyard Biology
Basic biology of wood chip usage.  . . . Click for Details

FireWise: Creating Defensible Space Around Your Home
Reduce the amount of fuels around your home as a fire safety measure.  . . . Click for Details

FireWise: Photos and Examples of FireWise Recommendations
Shows photos of primary types of fuel to remove to protect your home.  . . . Click for Details

Links to Compost and Organics Information
Websites with reliable compost information.  . . . Click for Details


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