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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Klickitat County

Board of Commissioners

Minutes – Meeting of Tuesday, October 26th, 2004



Agenda Item - Comment/Disposition



Call to Order/Roll Call

Morning Workshop Session – Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Chairman Joan Frey called the meeting to order at 9:10 AM.

Commissioners present: Joan Frey and Ray Thayer.

Commissioner Don Struck was in attendance at another meeting and joined this meeting at 9:35 AM.



Workshop Session Agenda



9:10 AM – Executive Session

The Board convened into Executive Session with Public Works Director Larry Nicholas in accordance with RCW 42.30.110(1) (g) to discuss the performance of an employee. The session was expected to last 40 minutes.

The Board reconvened back to Regular Session at 9:50 AM.



10:05 AM – Public Works Department Update

Attendance: Public Works Director Larry Nicholas, Public Works Finance Manager Eric Greene and Goldendale resident Daniel Lichtenwald.


Director Nicholas asked if the Board had contacted Bingen Mayor Brian Prigel regarding the suggestion that the Dallesport Wastewater Facility operator become a county employee (rather than the present status as a City of Bingen employee). Commissioner Struck responded that he had not yet contacted Mayor Prigel to discuss the idea.


Director Nicholas requested that a lease to own agreement be added to the agenda. It would authorize purchase of a Nikon Transit (DTM-522 Total Station) surveying instrument. The Board reached consensus to add this to the afternoon’s agenda.


Director Nicholas stated that they will be applying for a Department of Ecology grant for habitat improvement of the Klickitat River. The $88,000 grant would be used for improvements to roads west of Goldendale and the only match required would be a contribution of labor by the county. Director Nicholas stated that a letter would be drafted sometime this week for Board approval.


Director Nicholas provided two handouts, the first being a “Statement of County Road Services During Snow Events”, and the second, a generic small works contract for snow removal in communities in the county. He noted that this was for informational purposes and no Board action was required today. Chairman Frey asked who plowed county roads in Trout Lake and Glenwood and Director Nicholas replied that these roads are routinely plowed by county road crews.


Finance Manager Eric Greene provided a handout that summarized the amount of time that he has spent on Community Development Block Grants since February 29, 2004. The spreadsheet estimated 150 hours that equated to about $6,150 in salary and benefits. Manager Greene noted that the work was very labor intensive and he relied upon the help of individuals in state agencies. Commissioner Thayer stated that he was against billing communities for the cost of administration of these grants and suggested that instead that they be written off as a benefit to the communities. Commissioner Struck agreed. Manager Greene said that they would prepare a supplemental budget to take care of the expenditure.


Director Nicholas provided a handout on ER&R (Equipment Rental and Replacement) revenue from 2002 to 2004. He noted that in 2003 the hourly cost of operation was separated out from the depreciation rate/charge that can be allocated out for equipment replacement. He added that the goal is to have complete fleet replacement funding available sometime in the future.


Director Nicholas asked if it would be possible to review the draft of meeting minutes (those sections that applied to the department) before they were approved by the Board. The Board stated that they would be in support of the proposal. Clerk of the Board Larry Gourley stated that he would provide a draft to Director Nicholas as it was completed.


Director Nicholas provided a replacement page (No. 7) for the Six Year Transportation Improvement Program. Changes were made for the Saxton Bane Road project.


Director Nicholas provided an update on the Pioneer Center value engineering effort stating that there are some 27 areas where cost savings can be gained. He estimated that the savings should amount to $100,000 to $200,000. He stated that a recommendation will probably be made in about two weeks and he was very encouraged by the cooperative attitude of the contractor.

Morning Workshop Session – Tuesday, October 26, 2004 (Continued)


11:00 AM – Department of Natural Resources Natural Areas Program Update

Attendance: Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) representatives George Shelton, Jeanne Demorest, and Pete Stocks, Americorps volunteer Kristina Proszek, Trout Lake resident Martha Hylton, and Goldendale resident Daniel Lichtenwald.


George Shelton provided introductions, including Martha Hylton who, together with her husband John own the Elk Meadows RV Park in Trout Lake. He then stated that there have been two meetings of the DNR executive/leadership group regarding the proposal to purchase Elk Meadows and create a training and education center as had been discussed with the Board on September 14, 2004. Mr. Shelton noted that if Klickitat County offers support for the project, Elk Meadows would be purchased but would be leased out and maintained as an RV park for about two years. At that point there would be funds to construct infrastructure, including lodging facilities in the third year. The facility would then be marketed to groups interested in the training and educational opportunities available in Klickitat County as a whole, and include the concept of sustainable resource management as a “hands-on” experience involving visits to farms, dairies and the like. As he noted previously, although the DNR would have a transitional role to play, another agency would have oversight of the completed facility, perhaps through the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Martha Hylton expressed support for converting Elk Meadows to an educational center, stating that they are committed to managing the RV park next summer but then ready to “let it go” so that it would become something dedicated to a higher purpose. She said that it would be especially good to establish an educational facility for young people and others. She added that many of their neighbors may be opposed to this, but she believes that another RV park would be established in the area, should this change occur.


Chairman Frey stated that it was helpful to have the Hylton’s in support and that she did not want to stand in the way of them doing what they wish with their property. However, she added that many county residents are opposed to the DNR using taxpayer money to purchase private property that will then be removed from the tax rolls. She added that the concept would have to be sold countywide and she is not informed enough or prepared enough to support this venture at the present time.


Mr. Shelton responded that they are in a very early stage and should the project go forward the transition period would be several years. He added that he believes that this would be a very positive thing for Klickitat County and they would like to pursue various options, but if they can’t get the support of Klickitat County, then the project won’t go forward.


Commissioner Thayer agreed, stating that he wouldn’t want to prevent the Hylton’s from marketing their property, but many people like to camp at Elk Meadows. He stated that there should be consideration of other properties for use as an educational facility.


Commissioner Struck said that he liked the concept and if it can be presented in the right way and respects county principles he would be willing to explore the idea further. Commissioner Thayer and Chairman Frey agreed to support a further exploration of the project.


Mr. Shelton said that it would be best to wait until after the general election in November, noting that Superintendent of Public Instruction Terry Bergeson (who is running for re-election) has expressed support for the project. He noted that talks would also have to be arranged with Commissioner of Public Lands Doug Sutherland (also running for re-election), who has not yet been approached. It was agreed that they would update the Board again in early December.

Lunch Recess


The Board recessed for lunch at 11:58 AM.



Call to Order/Roll Call

Regular Meeting for Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Chairman Joan Frey reconvened the meeting at 1:02 PM.

Commissioners present: Joan Frey, Don Struck and Ray Thayer.




Business Agenda


Approved (M/Thayer, S/Struck. Passed unanimously) the Business Agenda with two additions: a lease/purchase agreement for a Nikon transit (surveying instrument) and a discussion on moving a Planning Department part-time/casual position to full-time.



Approval of Commissioner Meeting Minutes



Approved (M/Struck, S/Thayer. Passed unanimously) the Klickitat County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes for October 5, 2004 as presented.




Citizen Comment



Marta Mikkalo, general manager of the Klickitat Valley Grain Growers (KVGG) discussed their efforts to deal with the financial problems that they have been involved in the last two years, including the loss of their federal grain license last year. She stated that they will be receiving a $100,000 federal low-interest loan through the Mid-Columbia Economic Development District and also issuing preferred stock to raise cash. Ms. Mikkalo stated that their goal is to get back the grain elevators and to do this they would need a $266,000 bond or a letter of credit that they hope Klickitat County will sign.


KVGG vice president Jim Hill added that if they can get back the grain growers they can become profitable, but they cannot afford the $266,000 bond, which leaves them with the request for a letter of credit.


Centerville resident Max Fernandez expressed his support for KVGG and also suggested that whenever possible Klickitat County should buy supplies that they use on a regular basis from items that KVGG sells.


Chairman Frey responded by expressing support for KVGG but she noted that the county must determine what they can and cannot do in support of their organization. She requested a summary of the history of the KVGG and the Board would in turn investigate what steps that they could legally take to help. Commissioner Struck said that it would also be helpful to know what the KVCC’s corporate structure is. Manager Mikkalo stated that she would provide the information.


Max Fernandez discussed the Rails-to-Trails issue, stating that he is very opposed to a parking lot that is being established (by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission) in the Warwick area. Chairman Frey responded that Planning Director Curt Dreyer has relayed to her that State Parks has not gone through the CUP (Conditional Use Permit) process.


Gene Herin repeated earlier criticism of wind power projects, stating that the generators kill too many birds and wind is too inconsistent to be economically viable as a source of power. He added that those projects being proposed in the county will create very few jobs and the power will only benefit the state of California.



Public Meetings/Public Hearings/Bid Openings

Public Meeting – Consider Approval of Boundary Line Adjustment BLA2004-09; Applicants: Vernon Buchanan and David Jensen


Approved (M/Struck, S/Thayer. Passed unanimously) Boundary Line Adjustment BLA2004-09 which alters the boundary between Lot 4 of Short Plat No. WS154 and the adjoining acreage to the north, the applicants being Vernon Buchanan and David Jensen. Associate Planner Jannette Herrington stated in her staff review that the purpose of the adjustment was to increase the acreage of Lot 4, owned by Mr. Jensen by about 10 acres.

Public Hearing – Consider Request to Reduce Right-of-Way Standards from 60 Feet to 40 Feet and Reduce Road Construction Width from 20 Feet to 12 Feet for Two Proposed Short Plats; Applicants: Steve and Lori Wolford


Approved (M/Struck, S/Thayer. Passed unanimously) a request to reduce the right-of-way standards from 60 feet to 40 feet but denied a request to reduce the road construction width from 20 feet to 12 feet for two proposed short plats off Pucker Huddle Road in the White Salmon vicinity, the applicants being Steve and Lori Wolford. Commissioner Struck’s motion also directed the Planning Department staff to develop and prepare findings in support of this decision. Prior to the motion the hearing proceeded as follows:


Chairman Frey opened the hearing and requested disclosure. Commissioner Struck stated that he was generally familiar with this area and had not discussed the issue with the Wolfords. Commissioner Thayer acknowledged that he knows Lori Wolford who is the Klickitat County Personnel Director. Chairman Frey also acknowledged knowing Director Wolford and added that she has no familiarity with the Wolford’s project. Chairman Frey then requested the planner’s review:


Associate Planner Jannette Herrington said that the applicants have submitted two short plats that are dividing Lots 1, 2 and 3 of SP-98-61 into a total of 8 lots, which will be served by a single private road that will have double access to Pucker Huddle Road.


Planner Herrington then stated that the applicants are requesting a variance to allow a 30 foot wide easement for a distance of 213 feet along the north side of the property, and within that distance are asking that the road construction width be reduced to 12 feet. They are also asking that from that point on a 40 foot wide easement be allowed with no reduction of the road construction standard of a 20 foot wide rocked surface for the remainder of the private road. Planner Herrington noted that written comment was received from both the Public Works Department and from the City of White Salmon and both agencies opposed granting the variance.


Chairman Frey asked for testimony from the applicant and any others supporting the request:


Lori Wolford stated that the 213 foot portion where a variance to allow for a 12 foot wide road surface is an existing road with a 12 foot wide surface. She noted that no further development would occur beyond the 8 lots created and added that Office Engineer Keith Grundei had no objection to the 40 foot wide right-of-way and granting of these variances would leave the property in a similar state as other properties in the area. Ms. Wolford added that they are making these requests in order to limit the cutting of the trees that they planted and also to increase the available buildable area.


Chairman Frey noted for the record that there was no one else present offering testimony in support of the request. She then asked for testimony from those opposed:


Matt Marx of 225 SW Martin Road, White Salmon, expressed doubts that there was adequate drainage for the proposed short plats. However, Commissioner Struck informed Mr. Marx that this public hearing was for the sole purpose of considering the requests for variance to the road right-of-way and road construction widths. Mr. Marx then stated that if there going to be 8 additional homes, then the road width needs to be the full 20 feet for the entire length of the private road.


In rebuttal Ms. Wolford stated that the 12 foot wide private drive is a decent road that was approved as recently as 1995. She reiterated that they really do not wish to remove the 22 trees that would be required should the request not be granted.


Commissioner Thayer noted that on October 12, 2004 the Board denied a request (from Donald Stern) to grant a variance for road right-of-way and road construction width that would have saved 16 cherry trees. He stated that the Board should be consistent and deny this request also. He recommended allowing a 40 foot wide right-of-way but compel a 20 foot wide road surface for the entire length of the road. Commissioner Thayer added that perhaps the trees in question might be replanted and not have to be destroyed.


Commissioner Struck and Chairman Frey both expressed agreement with Commissioner Thayer. Commissioner Struck added for the record that the Board must be consistent even if it means compelling the construction of a 20 foot wide private drive that connects to a county road that is less than 20 feet wide.



Miscellaneous Reports/Comments

SR 35 Columbia River Crossing Feasibility Study Results


Project Manager Dale Robins provided the results of the recently completed SR 35 Columbia River Crossing Feasibility Study. Manager Robins noted that the study, begun in 1999, has identified a location for a new bridge to replace the existing crossing between Hood River, Oregon and White Salmon, Washington, and the new bridge will be constructed just west of the old bridge that was built in 1924.


Manager Robins noted that design and construction is expected to cost about $200,000 with construction slated from 2014 to 2019. The new bridge would improve transportation across the Columbia River with significantly wider travel lanes and the addition of a pedestrian/bike lane. Manager Robins stated that tolls are expected to fund about 37% of the cost, with federal support at 36% and 13% each from Oregon and Washington. A local match would be pegged at 1%.


Commissioner Struck commended Manager Robins for his contribution to the project. Manager Robins responded that local support has been a primary factor in the project’s success so far.



Old Business

Adoption of the 2005 Annual Road Construction Program


Approved (M/Thayer, S/Struck. Passed unanimously) Resolution #17704 adopting the 2005 Annual Road Construction Program and directing the Public Works Director to proceed with the engineering, right-of-way acquisition, and construction of the listed projects.

Adoption of the Six Year Road Transportation Improvement Program


Approved (M/Struck, S/Thayer. Passed unanimously) Resolution #17804 adopting the Six Year Road Transportation Improvement Program for Klickitat County.

Lease/Purchase Agreement for a Nikon Transit


Approved (M/Thayer, S/Struck. Passed unanimously) a Lease Agreement with Trimble Financial Services for purchase of a Nikon Transit (DTM-522 Total Station) survey instrument. Zero interest terms provide an initial payment of $769.43 and 24 equal monthly payments of $264.16.



Consent Agenda



Approved (M/Thayer, S/Struck. Passed unanimously) the Consent Agenda except for Item 2 to be reconsidered at a later date:


1. Recommendation and request from the Building/Grounds Department to accept the proposal from Top Notch Tilling to do the site preparation and installation of lawn and an automatic underground irrigation for the 23 new RV sites at the fairgrounds.


2. (Pulled) Independent Contract between Klickitat County (Sheriff’s Department) and Tiffany D. Messenger to perform transcription services on an on-call basis.


3. Resolution #17904 declaring a vehicle within the County Assessor’s Office as surplus to be removed from the inventory for disposal at public sale/auction by the County Treasurer.


4. Memorandum requesting and authorizing the County Treasurer to release funds in the amount of $2,000 to Larry and Kelly Daniels pursuant to full compliance with settlement of Klickitat County Permit #SH-97-02 and WDOE Permit #19990CS-10135-1.


5. Professional Services Agreement (#C22404) between Klickitat County and David B. Trefry to serve as Special Deputy for the Prosecuting Attorney’s office to perform appellate briefs, etc.


6. Recommendation and request from the Building & Grounds Department to accept the proposal from Top Notch Tilling to provide snow removal services for the 2004-05 winter season for the various county parking lots in Goldendale.


7. Request from the Public Health Department to purchase a new Ford Taurus Station Wagon from state bid at a cost of approximately $16,500.00.


8. Contract Amendment No. 2, (#C22504) Contract #0374-29673, between the State of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services and Klickitat County (Skamania/Klickitat Counties Community Network).


9. Imaging and Preservation Services Agreement (#C22604) OSOS Contract #820A-524, with the State of Washington, Office of the Secretary of State, Division of Archives & Records Management for microfilm services.


10. Resolution #18004 scheduling a public hearing to be held at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, November 23, 2004 to consider a petition to form a fire protection district as filed by residents of the Wahkiacus Heights area.


11. Resolutions to approve county road projects for 2005 as follows:


a) Resolution #18104 to improve 0.56 miles of Balch and Sauter Roads, County Road Nos. 12540 and 12530 respectively, County Road Project No. RC233, Road Program No. 12 by surfacing and applying a bituminous surface treatment.


b) Resolution #18204 to improve 1.69 miles of Dooley Road, County Road No. 24090, County Road Project No. RC256, Road Program No. 15, by ditching, applying surfacing and applying a bituminous surface treatment.


c) Resolution #18304 to improve .94 miles of Niva Road, County Road No. 21900, County Road Project No. RC257, Road Program No. 18, by widening and applying a bituminous surface treatment.


d) Resolution #18404 to improve 2.04 miles of Randall Road, County Road No. 21860, County Road Project No. RC258, Road Program No. 16 by widening, applying surfacing and applying a bituminous surface treatment.


e) Resolution #18504 to improve 0.85 miles of Courtney Road, County Road No. 11700, County Road Project No. RC259, Road Program No. 14 by widening, applying surfacing and applying a bituminous surface treatment.


f) Resolution #18604 to improve 0.96 miles of Burlington Loop Road, County Road No. 24440, County Road Project No. RC260, Road Program No. 19 by surfacing and applying a bituminous surface treatment.


g) Resolution #18704 to improve various county roads, County Road Project No. RC120, Road Program No. 21 by surfacing and applying a bituminous surface treatment.


12. Resolution #18804 and letter appointing Don Smith to the Klickitat County Nuisance Board of Appeals representing Commissioner District No. 1 and appointing Joyce DeVries, Code Compliance Officer, to serve as Ex-Officio Member.


13. Professional Services Agreement (#C22704) with Q.Global to perform planning services related to updating the County/Cities comprehensive emergency management plan and conduct an assessment of the emergency operations center; And a Professional Services Agreement (#C22804) with ADCOMM Engineering Co. to analyze the communications systems of the County.



Road Permits

Permit Approved: P100504


P102604 – Ray Mosbrucker/Gina McCabe, Goldendale, WA – Construct an approach to the east side of North Columbus, County Road No. 26590, at Mile Post 1.70.



Elected Officials Report/Update

Sheriff’s Office Update – Prescription Drug Costs for Inmates; Disposition of Confiscated Horses; Prisoner Housing Contract Issues


Attendance: Sheriff Chris Mace, Prosecuting Attorney Tim O'Neill and Goldendale resident Daniel Lichtenwald.


Sheriff Mace detailed their problems with prescription drug costs for inmates, stating that outlays for last month alone were over $6,300. This expense is largely just a few individuals, noting that five inmate account for about three quarters of the amount. Sheriff Mace said that Jail Administrator Paul Tesi is looking into ways to reduce this expense, including a possible contract for medical services that might include prescription benefits. Sheriff Mace also noted that they may arrange for psychological evaluations that would assess the need for certain prescriptions.


Prosecuting Attorney Tim O'Neill notified the Board and Sheriff Mace that County Treasurer Dani Burton had some concerns about selling the horses that had been confiscated in the animal cruelty case involving Teri Cooley. He stated that a court order could be pursued to allow the sale, or the county could solicit requests to put the animals out for adoption. Sheriff Mace stated that he would like to sell the animals as a means of recovering some of the boarding and medical expense involved and the Board concurred. Prosecutor O’Neill stated that he would pursue a court order to force the sale of the horses.


On the topic of the prisoner housing contract, Sheriff Mace stated that he is aware that the City of Goldendale wants a new contract with a lump sum provision. He stated that he is opposed and would prefer the same basic contract as agreed to by Bingen and White Salmon. Prosecutor O’Neill requested a copy of the jail survey sent out by the Sheriff’s Office and stated that he would then contact Goldendale City Administrator Larry Bellamy.




Payment Approvals

Voucher Certification and Approval


Approved Warrants (M/Thayer, S/Struck. Passed unanimously):

Accounts Payable: (#139271 – 139444 and cancelled warrant #138634) for a net of $189,604.50

Combined Payroll: (#077323 – 077602, 139252 – 139270 & Electronic Transfer 317) $546,367.49

For a combined total of $735,971.99

Road Department Payments


Authorized (M/Struck, S/Thayer. Passed unanimously) Progress Payment No. 5 to Anderson Environmental Contracting, LLC in the amount of $86,400, which includes $4,320 retainage for a net of $82,080 for the Pioneer Center site preparation project.



Department Update/Comment

Personnel Department Update


Personnel Director Lori Wolford and Planning Director Curt Dreyer presented a request to change the status of a part-time/casual position in the Planning Department to full time. Following discussion the Board reached consensus to allow, with the position starting at Range 14, Step B.

Adjournment (4:35 PM)


There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned until 10:30 AM on Thursday, October 28, 2004



Call to Order/Roll Call

Regular Meeting Extension: Workshop Session for Thursday, October 28, 2004


Chairman Joan Frey reconvened the meeting at 10:35 AM.

Commissioners present: Joan Frey, Don Struck and Ray Thayer.




Workshop Session Agenda

Regular Meeting Extension: Workshop Session for Thursday, October 28, 2004 (Continued)


10:35 AM – Pioneer Center Funding Options

Attendance: County Treasurer Dani Burton, County Auditor Diana Housden, Chief financial Officer Glen Chipman, Financial Advisor Susan Musselman and Goldendale resident Daniel Lichtenwald.

Participants discussed the issuance of limited tax general obligation bonds for partial finance of the West Klickitat County Pioneer Center with options for a public offering of competitive or negotiated sale of the bonds. The Board directed that steps be taken to issue a $2.5 million offering of 20 year bonds with a 10 year par call. Also, Bond Counsel Hugh Spitzer will be asked to prepare a recapture resolution.



There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:50 AM.



Reference Document on File



Approved: Joan Frey, Chairman of the Board


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