Small Claims

Any individual, business, partnership or corporation (with few exceptions) may bring a small claims action only to recover money. 
Small Claims limits the jurisdictional amount to cases up to $10,000 for individuals. In all other cases 
the limit is $5,000. 

A person or business can easily navigate the legal process without hiring an attorney. There are no juries, and lawyers are not allowed to represent either party unless permission is granted by a judge.
Forms for this type of action are provided by the Court. The plaintiff must appear in court for the trial. If the Defendant does not appear, the judge will issue a default judgment. If the Defendant does appear, then the judge will have a trial, listen to both sides of the case and make his ruling. The clerks are not permitted to give legal advice or to predict how the judge might rule in a given situation.  Please click on link to find Small Claim form to use for East District Court. /DocumentCenter/Index/139

Filing Fee

At the time of filing, the plaintiff must pay a filing fee of $35.00, which is non-refundable. This can be paid by check, payable to District Court, or in cash. If you win your case, you are entitled to a judgment. The court, however, does not enforce this judgment.