Treatment Agency List

The below link is a document that has treatment agencies locally or near our County that provide services that may be court ordered. These agencies provide services such as Drug Alcohol Treatment, Mental Health Treatment, Domestic Violence Treatment, Anger Management, Etc.

  1. Drug/Alcohol
  2. Domestic Violence/Anger
  3. Mental Health
  4. MRT Programs
Below are a list of agencies we commonly work with but these agencies are not all that are approved. This list is provided for information only. We do not recommend any of these agencies over another.
  • Comprehensive Healthcare, Yakima, WA (509) 575-4084
  • Lifeline Connections, Vancouver, WA (360) 397-8246
  • Merit Resource Services, Yakima, WA (509) 865-6505
  • Barth Clinic, Yakima, WA. (509) 457-5653
  • Columbia Treatment Services, Vancouver, WA. (360) 694-7484
  • Change Point, Vancouver, WA. (360) 604-0068