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The branch of law that deals with matters relating to the family, such as divorce and child custody.

Some types of cases involved in Family Law are: divorce, legal separation, child custody, visitation rights, child support, and alimony. (this list is not inclusive).

For any assistance in proceeding with you case and answers to questions you may have about how to fill out your paper work or how to proceed with your case, please seek licensed legal counsel. 

  1. Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
  2. Parenting Plan

Fees: Divorce*

Filing (to put the case on): $314**
Ex-Parte (orders outside of court) $30

If there is a parenting plan or residential schedule (involving children) is to be filed, a parenting seminar is required by the Court. See below for further information. 

Assistance filling out papers, or deciding what papers you may need cannot be given by the clerk's office. Washington Law Help is a useful service that provides instructions along with their forms. See the link below. The other resource for qualifying low-income families is Northwest Justice Project. They can assist parties in beginning and case and giving guidance on how to proceed on specific matters.

* Please see the Fee Schedule (PDF) for full list of fees and costs
**Filing fee can be waived if a motion and order to waive fees is filled out. Parties are generally still responsible for any other fees that occur in a case.

Family Law Related Forms

Links to Parenting Classes

Below are the current Court Approved Parenting Classes

Helpful Links

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