K-9 Unit

Deputy Marble and Profi

The Klickitat County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce that Deputy Gaven Marble and K-9 Profi have successfully completed their 10-week training course, and are now a certified K-9 team! 

The Department recognizes that an effective and efficient K-9 Unit is a significant asset to our local law enforcement agencies.  We at KCSO are committed to the safety of our citizens and our law enforcement team.  Our community will benefit from this K-9 Unit as the dog and handler expedite finding lost children or others in need within our service area.  The K-9 Unit can locate lost persons in a Search and Rescue scenario in a fraction of the time it takes an entire team of human searchers to accomplish the task. 

A K-9 has tremendous olfactory senses, superior low-light visibility, and physical speed and stamina to render safe many unsafe situations that our deputies and officers encounter daily while performing patrol duties.  The K-9 Unit will serve as back-up to deputies and officers in tracking criminals, increasing the safety of their partner during traffic stops, and assisting in securing unsecured buildings. K-9 deputies can be an invaluable resource to both the community and the agency that supports them.

The safety of the members and visitors within our community is the first priority for the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office, and the addition of a K-9 Unit and will add a valuable tool to allow us to achieve this goal quickly and efficiently.

The Department is accepting donations or in-kind contributions for use in maintaining the K-9 Unit.  If you are interested in providing assistance, please contact Deputy Gaven Marble at 509-773-4545 or gavenm@klickitatcounty.org.

Deputy Marble and Profi are available for public demonstrations at schools and community organizations.  To make a request, please complete and return the request form (PDF).

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