Fixed Route Public Transportation Service

We are able to provide this service with Grant funds through the Washington State Department of Transportation and matching funds provided by Klickitat County. The purpose of this fixed route service is to provide public transportation from our main population centers of Goldendale and White Salmon to The Dalles and Hood River in order to access education and employment opportunities.

The West End fixed route bus runs between White Salmon/Bingen to Hood River, Monday through Friday. 

The East End fixed route runs between Goldendale and The Dalles, Monday through Friday. 

There are no reservations that are needed to ride the fixed route service. You just need to get on at one of the designated stops on the route.

The fare for the fixed route service is $1.00 each time you board and you must have exact change as driver’s cannot provide change and you must pay the fare in order to board the vehicle or use of GOrge Transit Pass.

The fixed route service vehicles are equipped with a bike rack.

The bus does not wait: you need to be at the designated stop 5 minutes before scheduled time and be visible to the driver.

Carry-on bags are limited: No more bags than passenger can carry on at one time and placed under seat or in lap. Items may not be placed in aisle or in another seat. Limit 4. 

Drivers cannot assist with bags on the fixed route.

Fixed Route Transit Service is open to the general public - no restrictions on trip purpose. Unaccompanied passengers under the age of 12 must have an adult pre-authorization to ride.

There are three ways to use the transit service:

Take the bus to and from a bus stop - No need to call ahead.

For service to or from a location other then a scheduled bus stop and within 3/4 mile of the scheduled stops on the bus route, call Mt. Adams Transportation Services in Goldendale at 509-773-3060 or in White Salmon at 509-493-4662 a least one day in advance to arrange needed deviations on the schedule between the designated stops.

The bus will deviate up to 3/4 mile off the fixed route to accommodate passengers. Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance.