Inmate Mail

The Klickitat County Jail will only receive incoming, lawfully delivered U.S. Postal Service mail intended for inmates housed in its facility.  Mail must have a valid return address and full name on the envelope.  Attempting to send contraband into a facility contrary to RCW 9A.76.140, 9A.76.150 or 9A.76.160 will result in a criminal investigation. 

Acceptable Items:

- General correspondence - regular mail that includes letters, money orders or pictures.  General correspondence is subject to staff review.

- Legal Correspondence-must be sent from a legal entity, i.e. courts, law enforcement agency, attorney, etc.

- Single layer greeting cards with no glitter, perfume or tape attached.

- Money orders made to the Klickitat County Jail with the name of inmate on the comment line.  

Incorrectly completed money orders will be returned to sender.  Money orders will be signed and entered into commissary accounts and will not be placed in the inmate’s property.

Unacceptable Items:

- Multi-layered greeting cards or cardboard.

- Any letter or photograph that is pornographic or violent.

- Any unknown substance, which includes any hand colored/painted pictures/drawings.

- Stickers.

- Any gang related materials.

- Polaroid photos.

- Cash or checks (money orders only).

- Any item that may jeopardize the security of the facility.

- Mail previously received from another jail or prison.

- Magazines or any unauthorized subscription.

- Stamps or pre-stamped envelopes.