Secure Your Load


We are asking all residents to take the pledge to secure your load and ask others to do the same. Get your free cargo net at our June 12th event. We will have two locations to choose from. *Limited supply of nets available, register early! 

Click on the location closest to you for more information:

Goldendale Event Site

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Secure Your Load History

"Robin Abel is a Northwest native whose life was altered by the incident that nearly killed her daughter Maria. She would prefer to live a quiet life with her dogs Mac and Jane, and her garden, but is compelled to share this story in order prevent future tragedies caused by unsecured loads and road debris.

Since her daughter’s incident in 2004, she has changed two Washington State laws, making an unsecured load that significantly injures or causes death or property damage a crime with possible jail time/fine, and making victims eligible to apply for Crime Victim’s Assistance. On a national level, she has had authorization language in two transportation bills. In 2015 she was awarded the nation’s highest road safety award for Public Service at the Lifesaver’s conference in Chicago."  On her page you will find information, tips and tricks and a story that is sure to impact your thinking

Facts & Stats

-The AAA Foundation for Traffic found in a recent study that road debris contributed to more than 50,000 traffic crashes, 9,000 injuries and 125 fatalities every year in the United States. 

-Washington Dept of Ecology reports than an estimated 12 million pounds of litter is dropped on Washington roads and highways annually and 40% of that estimated to come from unsecured vehicle loads.

-A 20 pound object at 55 MPH has the force of 1,000 pounds at impact (

How to Safely Secure a Load

Securing your load is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes and basic supplies to properly secure a load. Follow these simple tips:

  1. Place lighter items below heavier items to keep them in place. Securely fasten the heavy items directly to your vehicle.
  2. Tie down items using rope, netting, straps, or chains. Securely fasten large items directly to your vehicle.
  3. Add extra protection by covering the entire load with a tarp or netting. Make sure that any covering is securely tied down.
  4. Don’t overload vehicles or trailers.
  5. Double-check to be sure the load is secure.
  6. Speed, weight, and gravity are not load securing devices. Ropes, straps, and netting are load securing devices.
  7. Tips and Tricks from Washington Department of Ecology.

Secure your Trash and Save your Cash

In Washington State you can be issued a ticket worth $228 for an unsecured load. You can also be charged an additional fee at the transfer station and/or landfill if it is found that your load was unsecured. If an item falls off of your vehicle and injures someone that fine will be up to $5000 plus possible jail time!~

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