Shorelines Master Plan Update

Klickitat County Shoreline Master Program Update 

Join The Conversation: Klickitat County Shoreline Master Program Comprehensive and Periodic Review                                                                                                                                        

VIRTUAL PROJECT UPDATES!  Join Klickitat County staff on February 8, 2023 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. via Zoom for a virtual public info meeting on the SMP update process! Subsequent project updates will be held between March and May, 2023.  The virtual public info meetings are a chance for you and other community members to learn about the project as it progresses and ask questions of SMP team members. For more information on meetings or to how to register to attend a meeting, please visit the Online Open House at

Klickitat County is in the process of completing a comprehensive update of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP) and ensuring through a periodic review that recent State legislative changes are also included. The SMP is a comprehensive plan that guides the development, conservation, and restoration of Klickitat County's shoreline.

The purpose and scope of the 2022-2023 Comprehensive and Periodic Review is to:

  • Align the SMP with applicable state laws and guidelines in effect at the time of the review;
  • Assure consistency of the SMP with the Klickitat County Comprehensive Plan and development regulations; and
  • Provide existing clarifications to improve usability and predictability for applicants and reviewers.

LEARN MORE & ENGAGE!  Klickitat County has launched an Online Open House ( to share information about the SMP update process! Please explore this new online community resource and learn what a Shoreline Master Program is, why it is reviewed, and learn about the review process.

Other key features of the Online Open House include opportunities to:

  • Access project resources and documents,
  • Explore details of the proposed SMP when they are available for public review, and
  • Discover upcoming opportunities for you to join the review process.

Please visit the Online Open House regularly to view additionally posted updates that will occur before the public comment period in early 2023. These updates will include more information about proposed amendments and provide additional information on opportunities for you to ask project team members questions and submit comments.

Visit the County’s main project website for more information about the periodic review process and review project related documents.

STAY INFORMED!  SUBSCRIBE NOW via the Online Open House to ensure you receive future digital announcements regarding the Shoreline Master Program periodic review process.

CONTACT INFORMATION! We encourage you to reach out to our team throughout the process, for questions please contact:  Mo-chi Lindblad, Planning Director at or (509) 773-5703

  1. 01 Klickitat SMP Preliminary Shoreline Jurisdiction
  2. 02 Klickitat SMP Existing SED
  3. 03 Klickitat SMP Current Land Use
  4. 04 Klickitat SMP Zoning
  5. 05 Klickitat SMP Ownership
  6. 06 Klickitat SMP Undeveloped
  7. 07 Klickitat SMP Public Access
  8. 08 Klickitat SMP Impervious Surfaces
  9. 09 Klickitat SMP Land Cover
  10. 10 Klickitat SMP Flood Plain Floodways
  11. 11 Klickitat SMP Wetlands and Surface Water Bodies
  12. 12 Klickitat SMP Water and Sewer
  13. 13 Klickitat SMP Surficial Geology
  14. 13 Klickitat SMP Surficial Geology
  15. 14 Klickitat SMP Soils
  16. 14a Klickitat SMP Soil Key
  17. 15a Klickitat SMP Geologic Hazards
  18. 15b Klickitat SMP Geologic Hazards Erosion Steep Slopes
  19. 16 Klickitat SMP Shoreline Modifications
  20. 17 Klickitat SMP Water Quality
  21. 18 Klickitat SMP Ecology Regulated Facilities
  22. 19 Klickitat SMP Historic
  23. 20 Klickitat SMP Transportation Energy
  24. 21 Klickitat SMP Priority Habitats and Species
  25. 22 Klickitat SMP Priority Habitats and Species Points
  26. 22a Klickitat SMP PHS Points Key
  27. 23_KlickitatSMP_FishDistribution_20160831
  28. 24 Klickitat SMP Aquifers
  29. 25 Klickitat SMP Channel Migration Zone
  30. 26 Klickitat SMP Shoreline Reaches V2
  31. April 26 2019 progress report
  32. FAQ Klickitat County SMP
  33. KC Shorelines Draft Analysis Report
  34. KC Shorelines Update Appendix A
  35. Klickitat Analysis Report Draft Revised
  36. Klickitat Co Draft SMP April 2019 with line numbers
  37. Klickitat Co. Annotated Draft SMP Working Draft June 17
  38. Klickitat County Annotated Working Draft SMP March 2019
  39. Klickitat County Draft Shorelines Master Program April 2019
  40. Klickitat County Shoreline Master Plan Update 11-15-17
  41. Klickitat County Shoreline Master Program Update 11-15-17
  42. Klickitat Timeline Revised
  43. Klickitat_Co_Restoration_Plan_Working Draft May 2017
  44. Klickitat_Co_Restoration_Plan_Working Draft May 2017 with edits
  45. Open House Flier March 2017
  46. Open House Flier November 2017
  47. PC Agenda March 2019 Shorline Update Workshop
  48. SEPA DNS 2019 15 Klickitiat County Shoreline Program Update
  49. Shoreline Environment Designation Changes Summary
  50. Shoreline Master Program Cumulative Impacts Analysis
  51. Shoreline Master Program Restoration Plan
  52. Shoreline Master Program SEPA Checklist
  53. Shoreline Master Program SEPA DNS
  54. Shoreline Update Open House Flyer
  55. Shoreline Update Participation Plan
  56. Shoreline Update Timeline
  57. Shorelines Master Program Klickitat No Net Loss Report
  58. Shorelines Master Program Update
  59. Slide Show From Open House 3 15 17
  60. SMP Proposed Shoreline Environment Designation (SED)
  61. SMP Proposed Shorelines Environmental Designation (SED) Map PDF
  62. Summary of April 12 2018 Tech Advisory Committee Meeting
  63. Summary of Jun 14 2018 Tech Advisory Committee meeting
  64. Summary of September 12 2018 Tech Advisory Committee meeting