Civil Protection Order

Required Documents for a Civil Protection Order (RCW 7.105)

The documents below are required when filing for a domestic violence, anti-harassment, stalking, vulnerable adult, or sexual assault civil protection order.

1) Petition for a Protection Order...

  • Section 1: If the 4th box is checked for Vulnerable Adult: Attachment B: Notice to Vulnerable Adult must be attached and you will also need the Notice to Vulnerable Adult, which you can find here.
  • Section 4: If any of the children show as "child" in the "How Related to Restrained Person" box: Attachment C: Child Custody Addendum must be attached.
  • Section 4: If the 2nd box for minor children and 2nd or 3rd box are checked: Attachment D: Non-Parents Protecting Children (ICWA) must be filled out.
  • Section 15: If box is check "Yes": Temporary Order to Surrender Weapons must be attached.

2) Law Enforcement and Confidential Information Sheet (LECIF)

3) Temporary Protection Order and Hearing Notice

4) Declaration Form (this is an optional document, but one that would allow you to file any kind of outside evidence you would like the Court to review, i.e., police reports, text messages, printed photos, witness statements, etc.)

All protection order documents can be found on the Washington State Court Forms website.

Click here to download the full packet and instructions.

To request a renewal on your protection order, please see the packet below for the forms needed.  It is recommended you start the renewal process six to eight weeks in advance of your current protection order's expiration.  If you have any questions at all regarding this process, please call our office.

Civil Protection Order RENEWAL Packet