Appraisal Inspections

All staff members are issued county identification badges with their photograph which should be visible at all times. Appraisal staff travel in county owned vehicles displaying county decals. Field checks occur throughout the year. If the appraisal staff can verify the characteristics of the property during the field check without leaving their vehicle, they will not notify the owner or occupant. If the appraisal staff need to leave their vehicle to inspect the property, notice in person is provided to the owner or occupant immediately upon entering the property. Intimidating and/or threatening public servants, is against the law (RCW 9A.76.180). Offenders will be turned into the proper authorities and may be subject to legal charges.  

If personal contact cannot be made, a card will be left making the resident aware of the visit and information needed. Any visit requiring an interior inspection of residential improvements will be by appointment only. Should you have questions or desire to confirm the presence of field staff you may contact the property appraisal office at 509-773-3715. Per RCW 84.41.041, we are required by law to physically inspect all parcels at least once every 6 years.

Klickitat County Appraisal Areas:

Physical Inspections will be conducted in area 2 beginning September 2023 into the spring of 2024.

2023 Appraisal Area Map-1