Applying for Designated Forest Land

Your Application (DOC)  must be made to the county assessor. The processing fee (as established by Ordinance Ø011910 adopted January 19, 2010) for designated forest land applications under Chapter RCW 84.33 is set at a three hundred fifty dollar base application fee for a single parcel application plus fifty dollars for each additional parcel in the application. This fee shall be paid at the time of filing the application and is not refundable if the application is denied. 

This program works in a three year process. The year the application is submitted is your application year. If approved, the following year will be your assessment year and the third year following your application year, will be the year you will see a difference in your taxable value. 


The application requires the following information:
  • A legal description of, or assessor's parcel numbers for, all land you want designated as forest land.
  • The date or dates of acquisition of the land.
  • A brief description of the timber on the land, or if the timber has been harvested, your plan for restocking.
  • If one exists, a copy of the timber management plan for the land, prepared by a trained forester or any other person with adequate knowledge of timber management
  • practices (please provide resume).
  • If a timber management plan exists, an explanation of the extent to which the management plan has been implemented.
  • Whether the land is used for grazing.
  • Whether the land has been subdivided or a plat has been
  • filed with respect to the land.
  • Whether the land is managed in compliance with the restocking, forest management, fire protection,
  • insect and disease control, and forest debris provisions of Title 76 RCW or any applicable rules under Title 76 RCW.