Purchasing Land Enrolled in Designated Forest

There are additional requirements for buyers, purchasing a parcel currently enrolled in the Designated Forest Land Program. They must meet the minimum requirements for the Designated Forest Program if the new owners would like to continue in the program. All of the new owners of the property will need to fill out and sign the Notice of Continuance indicating that they intend to continue in the program and that they are responsible for the deferred taxes if they are removed from the program. A current Forest Stewardship Plan/Forest Management Plan must also be submitted. Here are the links to the Forest Stewardship Workbook (PDF) as well as the actual Forest Management Plan Guidelines (PDF).

We prefer that the management plans are prepared and signed by a trained forester but we will allow a person with adequate knowledge of timber management practices, that provides a resume of their experience, to prepare and sign the plan. In order to continue in the program, we must have a current forest management plan. We allow 60 days from the date of recording to submit a Forest Management Plan. If you would like to request to have your property removed from the Designated Forest program please fill out and return the Request for Removal Form to the Assessor's Office.