Online Payments

Klickitat County Clerk's Office is now accepting payment of Fees and Legal Financial Obligations through the online service, "Official Payments Corporation." Official Payments Corporation is a private company providing the convenience of secure online payment services to the public for payments to participating government agencies.

The Official Payments Corporation website charges a "convenience fee" which is the cost of processing your payment. For example, if you pay a $100 fee to the county, your credit card will be charged $100 payable to Klickitat County plus, in a separate charge, the convenience fee payable to Official Payments Corporation. You can calculate the convenience fee for any transaction before making a payment by visiting the Official Payments Corporation Online Fee Calculator.
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Obtaining a Transaction Fee Estimate

The Fee Calculator needs you to set six parameters before it can tell you what the transaction fee will be:
  1. Service Type = Local Payment
  2. State = Washington
  3. Client = Klickitat County Clerk's Office
  4. Payment Type = Fine Payments
  5. Payment Option = (credit or debit card)
  6. Payment Amount
Given the information above, the Fee Calculator can determine the fee amount payable to Official Payments Corporation in addition to the amount of the payment to the Clerk's Office.