This page is meant to provide an overview of passport services in Klickitat County.  For more detailed information, visit the agency's website:

Passport Applications

Forms can be filled out either in person or online.  You can find fillable forms for both new and renewal applications by visiting this link.  For new applications or renewal applications outside of the 15 year issuance date of a previous passport, click on "apply in person" under the "I need a passport" section.  For a renewal application, click on "renew my passport" under the "I already have a passport" section.  Filling the forms out online is a quick, easy and simple process that fills in all of the necessary boxes with the appropriate information.

Applications for both card and/or book are available in the County Clerk's Office. You may pick it up, complete it, and then bring it back for execution. 

Renewal passport applications are also available in our office. These are completed on your own and mailed directly to the agency by yourself. 

If completing the forms in person, please be sure to us black ink only. 

What to Bring When Applying

1. Completed Passport Application in BLACK INK ONLY.

2. Proof of U.S. Citizenship (i.e. Certified Birth Certificate; Naturalization Certificate)

3. Two (2) Passport photos that meet federal requirements. We do not take photos in office. Information for the requirements can be found HERE

4. Check or Money Order payable to the U.S. Dept. of State 

For current passport rates please visit: 

5. We accept card, check, or cash for $35 payable to County Clerk for processing fee in office.

Processing Time

For the most update information on processing time please call the National Passport information center or visit their website

Applicants traveling in less than 3 weeks may call NPIC for an appointment to apply in person (WA State's is located in Seattle) 1-877-487-2778 (NPIC)