I Have Received a Complaint About My Property

This information outlines the steps you need to take after a complaint has been made about your property.

I Received a Certified Letter in the Mail

The letter will tell you what the nature of the complaint is, and when and how you need to respond.

What Is My Responsibility?

  • Step 1 - Call the Code Compliance Officer at 800-583-8078 or 509-773-3706 before the deadline date in the letter.
  • Step 2 - The nature of the alleged violation will determine the next steps to be taken (i.e., application for a permit, etc.).
  • Step 3 - The Compliance Officer will work with you to establish a reasonable time frame to accomplish the necessary tasks to bring the violation into compliance.

Can I Find Out Who Made the Complaint?

Revised Code of Washington, Title 42.17.310 (e) allows the complainant to remain anonymous at their request.

Are There Any Fines Associated With an Alleged Violation?

If a permit is required, there will be a charge for the permit. If you are willing to work with the Code Compliance Officer, and comply in a timely manner, there are, typically, no fines. If the violation is not brought into compliance, you may be subject to penalties as established in Klickitat County Code.