Senior / Disabled Exemption

Washington has a property tax exemption program that helps senior citizens and disabled taxpayers reduce their payment of property taxes. Please see this link for a full description: PTExemption_Senior.

To be eligible for an exemption you must be at least 61 years old on December 31 of the application year, or unable to work because of a disability, or a veteran with an 80 percent service connected disability. Example: Your 61st birthday is in November 2020. You may file a 2020 application requesting an exemption on your 2021 taxes. You must own the home for which the exemption is claimed in total, as a life estate or by contract purchase. The property must be your primary residence: occupied for a minimum of six months each year.

Your annual household disposable income may not exceed $40,000. View the Property Tax Exemptions for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Form. If you feel that you could qualify for this exemption program, please fill out this Application (DOC) and submit the necessary documentation to the office of Assessor for verification with the Department of Revenue to determine eligibility.

If you have difficulty in getting the necessary information submitted, please feel free to call our office to make alternative arrangements; we are here to serve you. Please know that you are required to notify the Assessor with a Change in Status of any changes in your status that would affect your exemption (See WAC 458-16-150).

Property Tax Deferral for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons

If you are at least 60 years of age by December 31 of the year you apply, unable to work because of a disability or at least 57 years of age and the surviving spouse or domestic partner of a person who was receiving a deferral at the time of his/her death, own your home, it is your primary residence, and your household disposable income is less than $40,000, the Department of Revenue may be able to help you pay your taxes.

This program is not an exemption but a deferral program which does place a lien on your property, but the interest rates are very reasonable and it may help you stay in your home. Please see this link for a full description: PTDeferral_SeniorsDisabilities.

Property Tax Deferral for Homeowners with Limited Income

To be eligible for this program, you must meet the ownership, residency, income and equity requirements and you must pay the first installment of your taxes. Your annual household income must be $57,000 or less. Under this deferral program, the Washington State Department of Revenue pays the second installment of your property taxes due in October. Please see this link for a full description: PTDeferral_LimitedIncome.