Agency Responsibilities

The Juvenile Department’s responsibilities are dependent upon the division under which services are provided. What follows are those major divisions and broadly stated responsibilities.

Criminal Division

RCW 13.40.010 directs the Department’s activities under this division. In keeping with legislative intent, the department seeks to hold juvenile offenders accountable for their criminal actions, while protecting the citizenry from future criminal behaviors while seeking to rehabilitate the offender. It is the goal of the department to operate in a fact driven manor, striving to have justice dispensed in a swift fashion and desired outcomes to be clearly focused that the youth may connect consequences to their actions and recognize the obligations of an individual living in a free society.

Civil Division

This division operates mainly under RCW 13.32.A The Family Reconciliation Act.
It is the goal of the department to support the legislative intent specified under 13.32.A.010, that is to support preservation of the family unit whenever possible, providing parents control of incorrigible youth not under criminal court orders, or in the alternative, supporting a youths removal from the parents home based upon safety concerns for the child’s well being.

The Truancy Provisions of RCW.28.A, and more specifically, the department’s commitment to working with the multiple school districts throughout the county to assure that those youth under compulsory education statues are in compliance is the thrust of this program.

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

This program, operating under RCW 13.34-dependency and termination of parent/child relationship statutes. Under the auspices of the Juvenile Department, trained CASA professionals volunteer to assist the court to assure that the dependent, or potentially dependent, child has an advocate speaking specifically regarding their best interests insofar as their placement and services provided.