​Drinking Water Program

The purpose of the drinking water program is to oversee the safety and adequacy of drinking water. Activities in this program are aimed at ensuring potable drinking water supplies are free from contaminates that could adversely affect the health of the consumer. Generally, for public water systems, responsibilities are delegated from the Washington State Department of Health through a joint plan of operations (JPO). Environmental Health Staff are responsible for a number of activities involving potable water systems. 

Planning to build?

The Health Department's role in the building permit process is ensuring an adequate and potable source of water is available for the use of the structure or the population it may serve. Klickitat County Health Department standards for water availability are only applicable to building permit applications for new structures requiring a source of potable water. They are NOT applicable to additions within the same structure, remodels, or structures with no plumbing. 

To show connection to a municipal or community water system, a completed application will need to be submitted with the applicable fee as well. Your water purveyor will sign off on the application and ensure potable water can be provided to your building. You may have to meet additional purveyor requirements prior to them signing this application.

If you are drilling your own well, have a spring, or another type of source, the process requires more attention. First, you will need to contact a well driller so they can begin the well drilling process with The State Department of Ecology. Once the well is drill you can begin the the water availability verification (WAV) process for your building permit. You will need a WAV application to complete this process. 

If you need to find the water well report or "well log" for your drinking well, you can visit the State Department of Ecology's mapping system website here; Well Construction Map Search.