Klickitat County Solid Waste Department


2021 Annual Newsletter and Recycling Schedule 12/2020 (Spanish)

The newsletter is now available and has a ton of information for you! We also have monthly newsletters available that give lots of great information. 

2021 Bingen & White Salmon Community Cleanup- 1/2020 updated

Volunteers are needed at the annual Community Cleanup. 

Recycling Hotline *New*- 12/2020

Do you have an item that you need to know if it is recyclable or not? Go to our new hotline webpage and send us a message with the details and we will respond with the information. No more "Wish-cycling", just ask and we will inform. Placing a non-recyclable item into the recycling bin contaminates the bin and can result in a higher percentage of recyclable items being sent to the landfill due to the contamination. 

Solid Waste Management Plan- 11/2020

The new updated (draft) Sold Waste Management Plan (SWMP) is out for public comment. Please review and submit any questions or comments to the Solid Waste Director through email.

Non-Residents Fee Increase For Trash Disposal- 08/2020

The fees have increased for non-residents that are utilizing Klickitat County transfer stations. The fees will again increase in January of 2021.