Air Fresheners & Deodorizers

Air Fresheners

  • If there is an odor, address the problem directly by cleaning or removing the cause.
  • Open doors and windows.
  • Improve ventilation.
  • Use a stove fan when cooking.
  • Leave baking soda in open containers in refrigerator, closets, and bathrooms.
  • Most air freshener products either mask the odor or contain chemicals that desensitize your nose. They also contain chemicals that contribute to air pollution.
  • Avoid products that contain paradichlorobenzene.
  • Air fresheners/disinfectants don't disinfect the air when sprayed into the air. They are disinfectants only when sprayed on surfaces.
  • To scent the air:
    • Set out potpourri in open dishes.
    • Simmer cinnamon and cloves.
    • Burn scented candles.


  • For carpets, sprinkle a mix of baking soda, borax and cornmeal liberally on carpet. Wait an hour or overnight. Vacuum.
  • Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of cat box before adding kitty litter.
  • Sprinkle borax in the bottom of garbage cans to inhibit the growth of odor-producing molds and bacteria.