Zone 1

FireWise Zones
Zone 1 is the 30-foot perimeter around a structure.

Do This First

  • Remove all leaf and pine needle accumulations from roof and gutters.
  • Reduce thick layers of leaves, twigs, pine cones and pine needles from ground so layer is not more than 2 inches. Do not disturb the layer of decomposing pine needles nearest to the ground.
  • Remove dead trees, dead shrubs and accumulated dead wood.
  • Prune dead branches from shrubs and trees below 12 feet from ground.
  • Remove piles of accumulated brush, branches, leaves and pine needles from the 30 foot perimeter.
  • Locate piles of leaves and pine needles saved for composting outside the 30 foot perimeter.
  • Locate firewood outside the 30-foot perimeter.

Do This Second

  • Remove branches that touch the structure.
  • Remove trees less than 15 feet from chimney.
  • Thin trees so emergency vehicles can navigate around the structure.
  • Remove highly flammable shrubs and brush: juniper, arborvitae, mugo pine, bitterbrush and sage.
  • Keep lawn and wild grasses mowed.