Sailboarding & Water Sports

Klickitat County, along the Columbia River's north shore, offers some of the finest windsurfing access in the entire world. The Columbia River Gorge is renowned among windsurfing enthusiasts.

Depending where the wind and swells are best on any given day, Bingen Marina, Doug's Beach, Avery Boat Launch, Maryhill State Park, or Roosevelt Park offer day-to-day windsurfing challenges for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Doug's Beach is a popular location between Lyle and Dallesport, but many protected near-shore areas provide comfort for beginners, while the more exposed areas of current and crosswinds challenge veteran windsurfers as they perform killer loops and other acrobatic maneuvers.

Both the Klickitat and White Salmon rivers provide excellent whitewater rafting and kayaking, and boast several Class V rapids. The Klickitat River provides spring season adventure for whitewater enthusiasts and summer rafting and tubing for novices and family groups. The glacier fed White Salmon River provides whitewater challenges throughout the year and is noted for its rapid succession of Class IV and V rapids.

The Columbia River, Horsethief Lake, and many of the smaller lakes, streams, and roadside ponds provide endless opportunities for fishing, boating, canoeing, sailing, water skiing, jet surfing, and water-related camping. There are numerous river access areas throughout the county.

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