7. Conclusion

This information is by no means exhaustive. You may encounter issues we have overlooked and we encourage you to be vigilant in your duties to explore and examine those things that could cause your move to Klickitat County to be less satisfactory than you expected.

Even though rural property owners pay property taxes to the County, the amount of tax collected from rural land owners does not cover the full cost of services provided in rural areas. To some extent rural services are subsidized by taxes collected from local industry. We at the county hope rural residents appreciate the level of services the County is able to provide. We hope rural residents appreciate country living, with all of its charms, may include some inconveniences and that it may also require a bit of self reliance, ingenuity and patience on some occasions.

Further Questions

We at Klickitat County will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We have offered these comments in the sincere hope it can help you enjoy your decision to reside in the rural areas of Klickitat County.