Air Wing

Airwing in Motion

The Sheriff’s Department Air Wing is the aviation division of the Sheriff’s Posse, comprised of volunteer pilots and flight observers, highly experienced in low-level search missions and flight safety management. Resources of airmen and aircraft, at no cost to the county, fly to assist deputies in law enforcement missions as requested, to protect property, locate lost persons, spot wildfires and to provide communications for incident commanders. Air Wing pilots provide technical input to the Sheriff’s Department in matters of flight hazard identification, air search safety, coordination, communications and training. The Air Wing is responsible directly to the Sheriff who, by RCW, is the final authority for approving and coordinating all aviation resources assigned in Klickitat County on Search and Rescue (SAR) or law enforcement missions.

Air Wing pilots are FAA certified pilots, qualified and current in make and model, and highly experienced with local knowledge of the diverse terrain and weather conditions of Klickitat County. The Sheriff’s Air Wing Standards and Evaluation (STAN-EVAL) board is responsible to the Sheriff to approve the qualifications of pilot applicants.

Mission Statement: Flight safety is the primary consideration while providing highly experienced air support to the Sheriff and deputies. The Air Wing functions in a coordinating role to safely assign and manage all aircraft and pilots operating for the Sheriff.