Search and Rescue

Klickitat County Search and Rescue (SAR) has an active, dedicated and skilled group of volunteers.  Currently about 50 local citizens contribute their time and skills to the SAR Unit.  

Klickitat County SAR responds to calls for help in searching for people believed to be missing in the local wilderness areas and also assists medical responders in extricating injured people from remote areas, as well as other duties.

SAR is administered through the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office per RCW 38.52.400 and also has their own Board of Directors.  

Jeff King serves as the SAR Coordinator.

If you are interested in becoming a SAR member, you can download the application form here. Applicants will be screened for eligibility. People with felony convictions or a criminal history which casts doubt on their character may be not be considered for membership.