Sheriff's Posse

Klickitat County Sheriff's Posse, c. 1941

Klickitat County Sheriff's Posse, c. 1941
The Klickitat County Sheriff's Posse is made up of citizen volunteers working in a partnership with the Klickitat County Sheriff's Office to reduce crime throughout Klickitat County.  This is accomplished by establishing and maintaining a safe living environment for the citizens, which includes the right of all persons within Klickitat County to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possessions and to live, travel, and exist in peace. 

Members of the Posse are NOT law enforcement officers but local citizens who have agreed to assist the Sheriff's Office with certain tasks such as: 

Crime prevention patrols
Vacation house checks
Air wing support and training
Animal control
Mounted search and rescue 
Mounted and unmounted security for various functions
Security patrols
Crime scene protection
Evidence searches
Participation in local parades
Participation in rodeo events
Supervise inmate work crews
Other mounted or unmounted activities/duties as directed by the Klickitat County Sheriff
Upon request, the Posse provides security checks on residences while the resident(s) are away.  To request this service, please fill out and return the Vacation Request Form, available in PDF or WORD.