The Clerk's office provides minimal pre-made forms regarding some case types (there is a fee that varies depending on the size of the packets*).

You are also welcome to download and print your own through the Washington Courts website, which also provides forms for common case items.

Most civil case type forms (excepting Protection Orders) are NOT provided by the clerks, and recommend seeking legal counsel for what forms your case may require. 

All cases except Criminal and DV Protection Orders, require a filing fee of some sort to get started. Please see the fee schedule regarding superior court costs. If you feel that the amount of the filing fee would create a hardship on you, you may also fill out a motion and order to waive filing costs.

*Packets are provided as a general courtesy; they may or may not contain all the forms your specific case needs considering everyone's situation may be different.

Request DVD Form

Motion and Order to Waive Filing Fees

Criminal Legal Financial Obligations:

Interest accrued on non-restitution LFOs can be requested to be waived through a motion and order to waive interest. There's no cost to file these. 

Criminal Motion to Waive Interest on LFOs