Roads and Bridges

​The 1,084 miles of the

County Road network

is comprised of 3 classifications:

  1. Arterials are Major Collector roads connecting the Cities and Towns throughout the County..
    • These roads account for 210 miles of the total system with an average daily traffic of 480 vehicles.
  2. Arterial roads connect to Collectors. 
    • The Collectors account for 175 miles of the total system. The average daily traffic count is 170 vehicles.
  3. The Local and Primitive roads are the feeder roads to the Arterials and Collectors.
    • Local roads account for 699 miles of the total system. Of that total there are 297 miles of Primitive roads. The average daily traffic is 130 vehicles.
There are many Rivers and Creeks throughout Klickitat County. The County Road Network is connected through a series of 61 Large Bridges and several Small Bridges and Large Culverts.

The Road Department is responsible for inspecting each Large Bridge yearly or every 2 years. This schedule is determined by bridge specifications and type of structure. Small Bridges and Large Culverts are inspected routinely for deficiencies. When a bridge is ready for replacement, the funding is appropriated and the bridge is added to the Six Year Road Program.

    • A Large Bridge is classified as spanning over 20 feet.
    • Several Large Bridges throughout the County are over 130 feet.
    • The bridge materials can vary from a concrete structure to wood or a combination.