Construction Project Updates

Schilling Road CRP 333:

5/22/2018 - The contractor will start installing signs on Thursday May 24, 2018. Clearing, grubbing and other work will begin on Tuesday May 29, 2018. County survey crew is onsite staking.

This contract provides for the improvement of 1.97 Miles of Schilling Road by widening, improvements to horizontal and vertical alignments, installing drainage, surfacing, fencing, guardrail, permanent signing and other work, all in accordance with the Contract Plans, Contract Provisions, and the Standard Specifications.

2018 Annual Striping Contract:

5/22/2018 - There will be 2 striping trucks this week. One will be on the west side of the county and the other on the east side.

This contract provides for work to be performed under these specifications including but not limited to, the installation of, Yellow Skip, No-Pass and White Edge pavement markings. The improvements are located throughout Klickitat County.

2018 Guardrail Contract:

5/22/2018 - The contractor will be working on Fisher Hill Rd, Old Mtn Rd, Martin Rd, Snowden Rd, Klickitat Appleton Rd, Glenwood Hwy, Canyon Rd, Little Mtn Rd, River Rd bridge and Bickleton Hwy.

Guardrail repair 2018    Guardrail repair 2018

This contract provides for the replacement of damaged guardrail, posts & blocks, terminals and installation of new guardrail and other work on the roadways listed above. .

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