Applying for Farm and Agricultural Land

In order to apply for the Farm and Agricultural Program, an Application (DOC) along with proof of commercial farming income for three of the last five years must be submitted. A Farm Management Plan (PDF) is also required to be submitted with your application. An application fee of $350.00 for the first parcel and $50.00 per additional contiguous parcel is due at the time the application is submitted. This fee is NOT refundable. 

This program works in a three year process. The year the application is submitted, is your application year. If approved, the following year will be your assessment year and the third year following your application year, will be the year you will see a difference in your taxable value. 

There are many different ways to qualify for the Farm and Agricultural Program that include but are not limited to: grazing livestock, raising livestock, growing crops, boarding, and vineyards. Those are just a few of the things that qualify for the Farm and Agricultural Program however, we would like to advise everyone that the growing, harvesting, and selling of marijuana or marijuana products does NOT qualify for the program. This is stated in RCW 84.34.410. Applications received with the intent to grow, harvest, or sell marijuana will be denied.