How do I testify?
Prepare ahead of time for your testimony! The most effective testimony is given by the person who has read all the material in the project file as well as the County Codes that effect the project and is able to make their comments in this framework. A hearing body will make its determination on a proposal based on adopted criteria and codes. To testify effectively, you should know and understand the criteria for approval since comments on this criteria usually has the most impact.

The applicant will receive a copy of the staff report for the project approximately 10 days prior to the hearing date.

At the very minimum, you should review the staff analysis of the project in order to understand the important points raised during review of the proposal. Interested parties of the project may request copies of the reports and other information at the cost of 10 cents a page.

The least effective type of testimony is composed of personal statements or the contention that the proposal will have negative economic impacts or will compete with existing businesses. Once again, the hearing body is limited in their deliberation to adopted county codes, which currently do not address the above issues.

Remember, if you are concerned with a proposal that will impact your neighborhood, you owe it to yourself to make your testimony at the public hearing as effective as possible. A little time spent reviewing the file will go a long way in presenting effective testimony.

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