How is the virus spread?
Hantavirus is spread from wild rodents to people. The virus, which is found in rodent urine, saliva, and droppings gets in the air as mist from urine and saliva or dust from feces. Breathing in the virus is the most common way of becoming infected, however, you can also become infected by touching your mouth or nose after handling contaminated materials. A rodent's bite can also spread the virus. Hantavirus is not spread from person to person. You cannot become infected by being near a person who has hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. The virus, which is able to survive in the environment (for example, in contaminated dirt and dust), can be killed by most household disinfectants, such as bleach and alcohol.

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1. What is hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (also known as HPS)?
2. What kinds of rodents carry hantavirus?
3. How do I identify rodents, burrows, and droppings?
4. How is the virus spread?
5. What are the symptoms of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, and how long after infection do they appear?
6. What should I do if I think I have hantavirus infection?
7. Is there a cure for or vaccine against hantavirus infection?
8. Should tourists, campers, and hikers worry about hantavirus infection?
9. Is it safe to travel to areas where hantavirus infection has been reported?
10. Yes. Travel to and within all areas where hantavirus infection has been reported is safe. Nevertheless, if you camp or hike in an area inhabited by rodents, you have a small risk of being exposed to i